Learning Java – Get a job as Financial Developer

Taken by Wikipedia user (em)
Taken by Wikipedia user (em)


To learn software development, you must first understand the foundation of Programming Language before you can start learning software development.
Want to understand (OOD) Object Oriented Design Concept should know Java more

Java is a very popular Programming Language in banking, finance and financial technology industries because it provides security and is very useful for building overloaded programs that can handle large amounts of data.
How many Android phones are there? 2.5 billion !!!! How many Android apps are there? 2.9 million !!!!
Java is the most popular Programming Language today, and most Android mobile applications are developed in Java
The average monthly salary of Java Programmer and Android Developer is about
Master the most popular technologies and equip enough knowledge to stay competitive in the rapidly changing technology market.
The first step in programming, whether it is mobile phone development or artificial intelligence programs, the establishment of a website Programming is a technology that must be mastered.
People who want to know the concept of (OOD) Object Oriented Design
Suitable for anyone interested in joining the IT industry. Suitable for parents to understand the progress of children. Suitable for project managers to understand and communicate with IT people

Use real application code examples to teach Java programming, Android mobile phone programs The most basic Object, Register, Login




FullStack Android Tutorial


Learning Java – Get a job as Android Developer